Perhaps you've had this experience - as I've had many times. You, as a person who has become familiar with this important issue of sustainability, as a person who has read, studied and thought it through - you want to find a way to get your friends, family, associates, etc. to start thinking about it as well. But unfortunately, your attempts at raising the issue fall flat. Your friends just don't engage, for whatever the reason.

Still, it remains vitally important that we find a way to get many more people to try to understand the critical crisis that we now face. If you are reading this website, it is likely because you are already well informed and concerned about the overarching issue of sustainability. So, and unfortunately, most of the essays, articles and opinion pieces published on websites like this are nothing more than preaching to the choir.

We must find new, original, and compelling ways to reach a far broader audience. The Population Media Center has been very successful using the Sabido method of education-entertainment strategies by using soap operas to promote healthy reproductive choices in Africa. Everyone likes to be entertained, and if that entertainment can also challenge and inform, many more people can be reached.

So - try this - buy a copy of this book and give it to your friends. As a page turning thriller, it's an easy, intriguing and very fun read. They will enjoy it. But more importantly, it will ignite a spirited conversation on the options and the consequences of our overconsumption. I know this to be true - as do many others who have already read it - just read the
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From the reviews for The Eden Proposition

"Riveting, I could not put it down..."
"Edge-of-your-seat suspense..."
"An autopsy of the inevitable..."
"Makes the "unbelievable" all too possible..."
"Frightening food for thought..."
"Anger, intrigue, loathing, fear, and finally hope..."
"Grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go..."
"I've read it twice..."
"I finished it in two days and went back to read it again..."
"A hyperbolic spiral of emotion..."
"I've had more fun reading this book than I've had in years!"

"The Eden Proposition is one of my favorite all time reads and I could not recommend it more highly!"