The Best Ten
Articles about Overpopulation:

"Global Over-Population is the Real Issue"
Boris Johnson - current mayor of London, former editor of The Telegraph

Johnson writes a basic introduction of the problem of over-population and raises the concern that it is not being discussed. Winner of the Population Institutes 29th Global Media Award for Best Printed Editorial.

"Return of the Population Timebomb"
John C. Feeney - Population Activist. Founder and organizer of the "Global Population Speak Out"

Feeney's piece puts forth a concise and specific argument for the reality
, and the basis of the danger the planet faces due to overpopulation. Printed in the Guardian in May of 2008.

"Too Many People: Earth's Population Problem"
From the Optimum Population Trust website

A comprehensive laying
-out of the population situation with some very illustrative graphs showing the dramatic rise of population over the last century.

"Sixteen Myths About Population"
William Ryerson - President of the Population Media Center

An excellent in-depth analysis of many of the misconceptions that exist in the public's perception of the overpopulation issue because of the current lack of discussion, media coverage, or political awareness.

"The Tragedy of the Commons"
Garrett Hardin - (1915 - 2003) UCSB Professor of Human Ecology. Article originally published in Science Magazine, 1968

One of the first voices declaring the dangers of overpopulation, Hardin's "Tragedy of the Commons", an often reprinted article, is a thought experiment that demonstrates the ultimate folly of continuous growth.

"Eating Fossil Fuels"
Dale Allen Pfeiffer - originally published 2003 in The Wilderness Publications

In depth analysis of the implications of a post-petroleum world on food production.

"Population, The Elephant in the Room"
Paul Chefurka - published on his website May, 2007

Good analytical summary with graphs. Chefurka creates a model of expected die-off that is disturbing in its realism.

"Beyond Hope"
Derrick Jensen - Published in Orion Magazine June, 2006

Finally, someone not claiming to be an optimist. Derrick Jensen eloquently speaks the truth in this article, as he does in all of his substantial body of work.

"Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment - Revisited"
Albert Bartlett - The 1998 update of his widely distributed 1994 article.

This is a comprehensive in-depth (and sometimes rambling) analysis of the overpopulation issue. Anyone who wants to understand the most important problem facing mankind should read this article several times, study it, make notes, and pass it on to as many friends as possible.

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