The Best Ten
Population Websites

The Long Now Foundation

First on my list is surprisingly not a website dedicated to population issues. It is instead an idea that can (if you have the capability) dramatically shift your perspective to a place where overpopulation really matters - i.e. the long term view. It does it to me every time I visit. Don't leave without a complete understanding of the clock.

The Population Reference Bureau

I have no way of knowing this, but just from reading the website, it appears that PRB is one of the largest and most active population advocacy groups still in operation. They do original research, led by demographer Carl Haub who is widely published, and the author of the World Population Data Sheets.

The Population Media Center

Another one of the few currently active population organizations - they have a specific program of educating women in developing countries through entertainment (read about the program at their website). Also the home of William Ryerson, a well known advocate of population awareness. Sign up for his daily email at the site.

Global Footprint Network

GFN uses a scientific methodology to determine actual carrying capacity for the world, for countries, and even localities. This is an important concept to understand if you want to be able to grasp why we need to stop producing people.

GPSO - Global Population Speak Out

John Feeny's excellent effort to raise awareness of the overpopulation crisis by asking prominent individuals to find a way to "speak out" about population issues during the month of February (2009). Go to the website, join, and speak out!

WOA - World Overpopulation Awareness

Good example of the grassroots
only aspect of the media coverage of the overpopulation problem. Because all of the large (well funded) environmental groups and NGO's have lost their courage and abandon population growth as an issue, it is now up to small groups and individuals to try to sound the alarm as best they can. Karen Gaia is one of those dedicated individuals. This site contains a trove of excellent content.

The Population Connection (formerly ZPG Zero Population Growth)

The home of ZPG - The original population management advocacy group, founded by Paul and Anne Ehrlich in 1968. And, like all of the large advocacy groups, they have watered down their goals (including changing their name) so as not to offend anyone. The website itself is not that comprehensive, but the PDF's of the monthly magazine contain good articles.

Approaching the Limits to Growth

One man's passion to understand, explain, and make sense of the coming collapse. Detailed, well written articles, plus intense personal perspectives. Contrast this to the well- funded, corporate, old-line advocacy groups and their muddled, contribution-friendly approaches.

World Population Balance

Like Chefurka (above), this is David Paxson's passion and another great example of a small, unaffiliated group of people doing what they can to educate the public about the looming crisis from overpopulation. Go to the "activities" page and see how many presentations they made to local groups around the state of Minnesota in 2008 - very impressive.

Minnesotans for Sustainability

Maybe this site shouldn't be included in this list of top sites, but very often during my convoluted journeys around the internet doing research, I ended up at this site reading an excellent article from their comprehensive archives.

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