The Best Ten
Population videos

Garret Hardin on overpopulation

Albert Bartlett on the exponential function

John Holdren on climate disruption

E. O. Wilson, Michael Novacek, and Charlie Rose on the Sixth Extinction

Ted Turner on Charlie Rose - the important discussion starts at 26:30

Dr Jack Alpert's incredibly informative 10 part video series detailing the case for rapid population decline. Few people are willing to speak so fearlessly. A good place for anyone to begin educating themselves.

The oft viewed ZPG population-growth time-lapse video. Starts at 0:45

Marvin Minsky rambles over many topics, overpopulation being one, with several proposed solutions (such as to genetically alter humans so that they are only 6 inches tall).

Newer, shorter, version of Inconvenient Truth slide show. Al Gore declares his "optimism".

Jared Diamond on the collapse of societies. It is a short distance between the fate of Easter Islanders and the current fate of the humans on Earth.

Daniel Quinn on the food / population equation

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