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Climate change, energy depletion, food shortages, resource wars, species extinction - these are not the problem, they are only the symptoms. The singular root problem that causes all these horrifying threats to mankind is overconsumption due in large part to overpopulation.

So - logically - the solution that will eliminate these threats is simply to reduce the population of humans on this planet to a sustainable number.

Yet, no one proposes this obvious solution. No one is even willing to discuss it.

It is the
Elephant in every room.

Except here.

If so, then educate yourself. Begin below with the following recommened "Best Ten" lists of resources:

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Want to know why overpopulation is never discussed? Read this article - an in-depth analysis of why no one will speak out.
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The digital avatar "Charlie Moyers" conducts a frightening interview with Duval Dixon - the 21st century's most controversial person.
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The Problems with the Number
The UN projection of 9.2 billion people by 2050 is likely wrong. Bold claim? Read the article and judge for yourself.
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The mainstream media publishes attacks against population activists. Read how they are wrong.
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False hope
How the high priests of the Green movement will insure the collapse of civilization
A thought-provoking challenge issued to the readers of this website - those few who are willing to think. Please read.
The Cassandra Dilemma
How we can overcome the biggest obstacle we face in creating awarness of the danger ahead.
Are you willing to think?
Featured Book:
Forget Dan Brown, this is what will actually happen when a billionaire decides to save the world. Called chilling, thought provoking, and an "autopsy of the inevitable", is at the top of the list for can't-put-it-down thrillers.

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